Boxed Apron with greetings card £6.95

Each apron is illustrated in a pair of pictures. The image on the left shows the whole apron and position of the design. Click onto the image on the right to see the whole design.

Barcodes are available on request.

N.B. Product description below, at the end of the page.

We can supply a 12 pocket Carousel for the Aprons. These are £65 plus VAT which includes five free aprons to offset the cost of the carousel. They cannot be used to make an order up to carriage paid.  

Green Apron 100% cotton with design on the pocket

White Aprons 100% cotton with no pocket

Those with asterisks * are 35" long x 27" wide

Those without asterisks are 33" long x 24" wide

Sold in a polythene bag OR available for 70p extra in a polypropylene gift box containing an appropriate Simon Drew Greetings Card and Envelope 

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